The love of my life; My wonderful Husband, the man of my dreams, my knight in shinning armor.


We meet at what turned out to be our favorite hang out in late March of 2004. This was the day I had been waiting for for 40 years, to meet someone who I could grow old with and to share my dreams with. You see I had been married twice before and was about to give up hope on ever meeting “The One“.

It was a night  I had spent many times before, only on this night I was on a “Blind Internet Date”, I know, I never thought I would ever go on one but I figured why not. Well my date and I were sitting there sipping on our adult beverages, he was trying hard to get to know me but I just wasn’t feeling the connection. A Handsom Gentleman, whom I have seen before many times, walked up to me and he complemented me on my tattoos. We talked about dancing and I asked him if he danced which he replied, “What about your boyfriend?” Well I just giggled and explained that he was an internet date, to which he replied, “So there could be a chance?” I smiled and told him “You never know!” He went on his way, mingling with his friends. I found myself watch him through out night. When it came time to call last call this Handsom Gentleman asked me if I wanted to meet him at Denny’s for a bite to eat, well of course I would. I said my goodbyes to my date and headed over to meet my Handsom Gentleman. We sat there eating and just making small talk for a good 2 hours. The following day he showed up at where I worked with flowers and an invitation to dinner at his place. We have been inseparable ever since.

My Husband, My True Love, has shown me that you should never give up because eventually your dreams DO come true!


It’s a Nana Thing !!!

Well here it is, Monday, a Holiday and I’m off of work so what else should I do but to babysit my two youngest Grandsons. These are my most loved times when I get to spend a day enjoying time with two of my favorite guys, we get to laugh and do crafts together all day. The Grandkids love coming to Nana and Paws house, they know they are going to get to paint and craft when ever they come. I will be posting all of their creations once they are done. Have a blessed day everyone, I know I will!!

Two of my favorite guys…


So here they are creating!!               And here are their creations!!

Pretty good, don’t you think?

So all in all it was a great time being able to spend the day with these two Handsom Men!!