Special Requests

Many of my friends have asked for special saws and signs to be painted for them, here’s a collection of some of these requests….

Hope you’ve enjoyed them. I have so many others I have done. If you are interested in a special Saw Blade or Sign, just let me know. I am always up to a new challenge!!!

 I Have Got To Get To Work!!!

Just got two more requests for some signs.

One is for “The River Rat Inn”, my friends personal at home Bar! So much fun, I love doing these signs for them!! I have done several for them and they keep coming up with new ideas, “YAY”, Keep those ideas coming.

The other one is for some good friends of ours who own an RV Park here in our little community. I was so honord when they asked me to do this sign for them! It’s going to be so sweet seeing my painting at a business where we live. Who knows, maybe this will catch on with the other business’… Fingers crossed!!

Stay tuned for my finished creations for these two wonderful friends…..



New found love

This is my new found love, Finger Knitting. It’s funny, I have tried to knit with knitting needles many times and have never been able to catch on until I learned this technique. Instead of using the needles I use my fingers and was able to self tech myself!! “YEA” it just came so naturally for me.

This is my first project using this technique, I will follow up with a photo of the finished item.